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Best Scratch Cards in South Africa 2024

Scratch Cards South Africa

Scratch cards are exciting instant win games that are available at numerous download casinos in SA, as well as a feature on many of the best online casino sites. Quick, fun, simple, and engaging, scratch cards are an excellent alternative to the complex, often strategic options in the world of casino games.

Scratch Cards South Africa

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What are Scratch Cards?

Scratch cards are a popular choice at online casinos and download casinos in SA. Different to conventional casino titles, scratch cards are instant win games which involve ‘scratching’ off panels on a card (there is no physical scratching involved, obviously). Bets start as low as $1 and wins are gained by matching symbols, with each symbol carrying set values.

Scratch cards are based on a variety of themes, including film and TV. There are also numerous scratch cards based on popular online slot titles.

How do You Play Scratch Cards at Online Casinos?

Scratch cards are one of the easiest game types to play at an online casino, there is no complex strategy involved, these are 100% games of chance. Playing scratch cards involves very few steps:

Playing Scratch Cards at Online Casinos

  • 1

    Go to one of our recommended online casinos featuring scratch cards and make a deposit

  • 2

    Go to the ‘Scratch Card’ or ‘Instant Win’ tab of the games section

  • 3

    Choose a scratch card from the range of available options

  • 4

    Buy your chosen scratchcard for the stated price

  • 5

    Click the panels individually or select ‘Reveal All’

  • 6

    If you reveal matching symbols you will win the relevant amount from the paytable

Why Should You Play Online Scratch Cards in South Africa?

Scratch cards at South Africa online casinos have a range of benefits. Firstly, and arguably most importantly, is the opportunity to win money instantly. Unlike other casino games, an entire scratch card can be played with one click, instantly revealing if you’ve won.

Another definite advantage is the ease of play. While online slots and live dealer games are getting more interesting, they are also getting more complex, and sometimes you just want a simple game to play for a chance to win. That’s exactly what scratch cards offer, clicking the ‘Reveal All’ button is all that is necessary to find out if you’ve won.

If you’re looking for a chance to win instant cash now in South Africa, scratch cards are the answer.

Scratch Card Variations

In terms of gameplay, there is little variety in scratch cards, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t myriad options available. The main differences come in theme, with exciting online graphics thanks to high profile software developers like Microgaming and NetEnt. From playful designs to edgier themes, there is something for everybody in the scratch card collections of the best SA online casinos.

Layouts can also be different, with various areas to scratch, usually with the goal of finding a set of matching symbols. Grid sizes vary too, most games are played on a 3×3 grid, but some can get much larger.

The most popular scratch card variation in South Africa is Lotto Madness, which has the rare addition of a bonus feature in the shape of a Wheel of Fortune style game. The 3×3 grid is normal for scratch cards, but the ability to play up to three cards at once helps Lotto Madness stand out.

History of Scratch Cards in South Africa

Scratch cards are a new addition to South Africa and a relatively recent addition to the gambling world in general. Scratch cards were invented by Daniel Bowyer and John Koza in Massachusetts, USA, in 1974, and rapidly spread across the United States. Created to help raise funds for government projects as part of the state lottery, then UK National Lottery followed suit in 1995. 

It was this UK launch that got South Africa’s attention, and physical scratch cards have been popular in SA ever since. Initially, it was physical scratch cards that were the most used, but as the online casino world has grown, so too has the demand for instant win games, and scratch cards are the best way for online casinos to respond to that necessity.

Play Scratch Cards Online Today

Scratch cards are exciting, varied, and simple online casino games that offer the opportunity for instant wins. Whether playing at online or download casinos in SA, you have the chance to win money with online scratch cards.

Try out the scratch card selections at our recommended online casinos in South Africa today and see if you can win big.


Yes, scratch cards in South Africa are available at numerous online casino sites. Playing scratch cards online is a popular practice in South Africa and is one of the quickest and simplest ways to try and win instant money at SA online casino sites.

Finding out if you’ve won when playing an online scratchcard couldn’t be easier. If you’ve scratch to reveal a match, the game itself will tell you you’ve won, and that money will be immediately added to your casino balance, ready for withdrawal. If you are using a physical scratch card, the information will be available on the back of the card.

Yes. The RTP of scratch cards is not as high as some other online casino games, but players certainly win when using them. While every scratch card offers the chance to win big, Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech are three developers known for producing scratch cards that occasionally pay out huge jackpots to lucky players.

The best scratch card is a subjective choice, some players prefer fun and inventive themes, others prefer the biggest jackpots. For South African players, Lotto Madness stands out as the most popular scratch card game, providing the chance to play multiple cards at once, and benefitting from a wheel of fortune style bonus feature.

While many games claim to provide instant wins, winnings from scratch cards are as instant as it gets. When you have scratched off the panels (which itself can be instead with the ‘Reveal All’ option) you will find out if you have won and will be immediately credited with the funds if you have.

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