The Best Poker Sites In 2020

If you are in South Africa looking for the best poker sites, we're your answer. At, we scour the web to unearth top online poker sites with the greatest games.

From Hold'em tournaments to big cash games and promotions, our top 7 poker sites have everything you need. Sign up to one of our SA poker sites and start playing straight away.

Top Poker Casino Sites of South Africa in 2020


100% up to $100 + 101 Free Spins


Genesis Casino

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R15,000 Bonus + 300 Free Spins


Sloty Casino

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R22,500 + 300 Free Spins


LuckLand Casino

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R16,000 + 200 Free Spins


Karamba Casino

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R3,000 + 100 Spins

How We Rate The Top Poker Sites In South Africa

Our team of experts has been playing online poker for years. That’s why we are perfectly placed to pick out the best poker sites in 2019 for South Africans. Whether you're looking for popular Texas Hold'em tables or just reliable software, we have it covered. Here's what we look for when we compile our reviews.

Security and Reliability: It’s vital that your personal details and funds are safe. We test all our top poker sites to ensure they have good security protocols in place. If a site has a poor reputation, we'll flag it up.

Variety of Exciting Poker Games: Texas Hold'em is king at the best poker sites. But it's good to have a spread of buy-ins, variants, and formats. We carefully review all our sites to check their selection of cash games, and tournaments.

Safe and Easy Banking: When you play poker online, you need to be able to use fast and secure banking options to get your money in and out. We deposit our own Rand when testing a South African online casino that has poker. That way, we test withdrawal and deposit times, as well as currency availability.

Great Customer Support: Good poker sites should quickly sort out any issue you may have. Customer service should be available 24/7, and staff knowledgeable about a range of problems.

The Best Bonuses & Promotions Online: We also rate the best poker sites in 2019 on their promotions like welcome bonuses and VIP schemes .

Free Poker Games Vs Real Money Online Poker

Elite poker rooms let you play games online for free, but nothing beats the thrill of real cash action. Luckily, South African players can enjoy both at our recommended best poker sites. Let's examine the pluses of free poker and real money online gambling.

Benefits of Free Poker Games

Learn the Basics - If you are new to online poker in South Africa, it's good to learn the rules without risking any Rand. Poker hands move fast online and you will be able to gain experience a lot quicker than in a land-based cardroom.

No Risk to Your Bankroll - You can enjoy cash games with a set amount of play credits. You won't win Rand, but the setup and software is exactly the same as in a real money game. This helps you test out strategies without any risk to your bankroll.

Try New Poker Software - Testing the free poker tables will give you an idea of how well the software copes, and whether it’s up your alley.

Play Freerolls and Win Real Money - The best poker sites in 2019 will run freerolls. These are free-to- enter tournaments that award a small amount of cash to the winners. It's a fun way to win real money without paying an entry.

Test a Brand New Poker Variant - Most players in South Africa start out with Texas Hold'em. The beauty of online poker is that you can find new and exciting variations to try. Free poker games like Stud, Badugi or Omaha carry zero risk and let you try out some strategy.

Benefits of Real Money Poker

Play at ZAR Stakes That Suit You - Winning real cash playing online poker can be thrilling. And you don't have to be a high roller to sit down at the tables. The best poker site will always let you play tournaments or cash games at stakes to fit your budget.

Hit the Big Money Guarantees - Top poker rooms will run regular tournaments with heavy guaranteed prize pools. At the biggest sites, these prize pools can reach millions of Rand.

Test Your Poker Skills Against the Best - Finding easy opponents to play poker against will help your long-term prospects. But the benefit of real cash poker is that you can take a shot against better players and test your skills.

Claim Free Welcome Bonus Cash - The best poker sites will offer new SA players free cash just for signing up. This can take the form of free entries into tournaments or cashbacks. You will need to make an initial deposit first, but the rewards are good for regular players.

Join a VIP Program - If you clear a lot of poker hands, you can join a VIP scheme. Loyalty programs reward regular play with big bonuses, faster cashouts, or invitations to world poker events.

Play Poker On Mobile

The best poker sites can also be accessed via mobile and tablet . Mobile poker is great for playing Hold'em cash games or Omaha tournaments when you're out and about. You can even log in to your account using your regular desktop account details.

It's important to have good access to a web connection when you're on mobile. There's nothing worse than losing your poker hands before a showdown because you lost the internet connection. Make sure that your phone or tablet’s operating system is up to date too.

Mobile poker software looks and feels different to regular desktop clients. Tables and graphics are adapted to fit your smaller touch screen, but you can still deposit money and play against the same opponents. The best poker sites we recommend will make the transition from desktop to mobile totally seamless.

The Best Tips To Win At Poker

Poker is different to regular online casino gaming in that you take on human opponents rather than the computer. You can employ bluffing, aggression and clever strategy to get an edge over the other players. Let's get started with a few basic tips.

Learn Hand Selection - Whichever online poker variant you choose, begin by understanding hand selection. In Texas Hold'em, it's good to start off tight by playing big pairs and suited connectors. Watch your position at the table and avoid playing too many hands in early positions when you are first to act.

In Omaha games, you are dealt four cards at the start of a hand. Hand selection differs from Hold'em and you must learn to adapt accordingly. We cover starting hands in our poker strategy guide .

Keep Notes on Your Opponents – Make and save notes on your opponents. It's good practice to keep information on other players' common moves.

You will usually come across the same opponents at the tables, especially if you play at certain stakes. Most online players rarely change their style, so keeping notes helps give you an advantage.

Understand Raises - Knowing your raising sizes is vital to win at online poker. Make your raises too small, and you attract too many opponents. Make them too big, and you scare everyone off. Learn to size your bets correctly and exploit weakness at the table if you see it.

Practice at the Low Stakes Tables - The beauty of online poker in South Africa is that you can play at micro-stakes limits to get some practice. Make use of the low-stakes cash games and tournaments where you can try moves and learn new skills with minimal risk to your bankroll.

Avoid Going on Tilt - Everyone playing at poker sites will experience bad luck at one point or another. If your emotions get the better of you, you can go on tilt and lose even more money. Keep a handle on your tilt and log off if you need a break.

Don't Play Bad Poker Games - With so much choice at online gambling sites, you need to pick the right games. Never play at limits that are too high for your bankroll, and don’t play against players beyond your skill set.

With some research, you can track down your opponents' career earnings online. This will give you a good idea of who to avoid and which players are regular losers.

If you want more in-depth strategies for winning, you can read our detailed guide on playing poker.

Pick One of the Best Poker Sites Today

The biggest online gambling sites let you deposit and play in Rand and take a shot at big-money prize pools. What are you waiting for? Get started by selecting one of our recommended poker sites and start winning today.


The top poker rooms have built up a reputation for unrivalled software and excellent games. They also boast great customer support and reliable cashouts every time. You can’t go wrong if you pick one from our recommended list.

Learning online poker takes a few minutes, but mastering it takes years. The basic idea is to beat your opponent's hand according to a list of poker rankings. After the cards are dealt, there are rounds of betting. The players left in at the end compare their hands to determine who wins. You can read our detailed guide to playing poker.

Yes. All the best poker sites offer real money games to South African players. You can win from your opponents when you play cash games or tournaments, often from low stakes. Many of the top websites offer guaranteed prize pools in their biggest games.

Of course. Poker online combines elements of skill and luck, but the best players use strategy to get an edge over their opponents. Only by studying and playing can you improve your game.

For sure. Our recommended poker sites will accept ZAR deposits. There might be a few sites where you will need to convert Rand to other currencies, but we’ll always point that out in our reviews .